Counterframes and Cellar Doors

...assembly: simple

Counterframes for Sliding Pocket Doors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ... the right solution for your problems with space.

With changes in lifestyle in recent decades living space takes on a different role from the traditional.  After proper research and continuous investments, the Zinco Group's Counterframe today represents the ideal solution for optimizing space, having as a standard, industry-leading products present on the market at a good quality-price ratio. In a context where living space has evolved, for better use of this space, it becomes necessary to replace traditional hinged doors with a faster and more dynamic opening system that enhances the decor and makes the most of difficult to use living space.

Reversible Cellar door 
.... Dynamic and versatile.

The  Reversible Cellar Doors, made by the Zinco Group, represent a novelty among the items produced, and are present on the market at a balanced quality-price ratio. Designed to be installed in the cellar, they are made of galvanized steel, in different thicknesses:

Series 06:
* Frame 0.8 mm thick
* Door 0.6mm thick
- Series 08:
* Frame 1.2 mm thick
* Door 0.8mm thick

As standard the following accessories are included:
- Door anchors.
- Escutcheon plate and anti-panic double handle.
- Lock mechanism and cylinder.
- Double slit ventilation on the panels.
Dynamic and versatile, they are designed to meet a wide variety of needs in the market:
They may be opened from the right or the left, push or pull.