The Zinco Group srl was founded in the eighties, as a small family-run workshop. With faith in the industry, working with great determination and courage, over the years it has made its appearance on a wider entrepreneurial stage, becoming today a leading company specializing in the manufacturing of single and twin wall Chimney Systems.

The Company carries out its activities in an industrial plant that covers approximately 40,000 square meters, 12,500 square meters of which are completely covered.

Thanks to the strategies implemented, the Company now holds a leading position in domestic and foreign markets, and exclusive know-how with specialized production lines, to meet the ever more selective demands of a constantly evolving sector in which the techniques of production, the methods and the materials used, play a fundamental role.

Its attention is constantly drawn to the ever changing markets, changes that increase in times like these of strong economic downturn. It is in moments like these that the Company chooses to invest in research in order to diversify its current lines of production.

To this end, important collaborative relationships exist between the Company and referenced Universities aimed at the production of goods aimed at producing alternative energy sources, such as wind, thermal and photovoltaic.

As a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company with CE designated products it uses only raw materials in conformity with what is stipulated by the regulations in place for the manufacturing of its products.

As a result of tests carried out on their production the Zinco Group S.r.l. now boasts the highest certified references concerning conformity with UNI EN 1856-1 and EN 1856-2.