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Containers for use in the Agrofood field, they are used primarily for the storage of Wine, Olive Oil and Honey.

They are made as standard in Stainless Steel 18/10 AISI 304 0.6 mm thick, with a flowered finish.

The TIG welding of adjoining edges without filler ensures the seal of the product. They are equipped as standard with a lid that protects against dust and a threaded 1/2" insert with a stopper, all the accessories, tap, tank stand and floating lid for wine, are sold separately.

Dimensione Inox Fiorettato
50 lt € 133,39
100 lt € 165,69
150 lt € 205,12
200 lt € 254,15
300 lt € 325,77

I prezzi riportati sul sito possono subire variazioni senza preavviso.

30 Lt466451305451/2"
50 Lt563548354451/2"
100 Lt839824404451/2"
150 Lt965950453451/2"
200 Lt1.000995504451/2"
300 Lt1.000962630453/4"

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