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Ht Inspection Plug

Article Code: 62.HT


The HT Inspection Plug is an accessory used in lengths or in bends with inspection. As the pressure generated by the rotation of the knob increases the gasket expands to ensure the seal of Flues and Chimney Systems intended for the dispersal of gases and smoke.

Made using the cap and counter cap moulding method it is equipped with a STAINLESS STEEL spring that expands as a result of the pressure generated by the rotation of the knob, ensuring the seal of the system even at working temperatures that exceed 200°c.

Its use is intended for heating appliances in chimney systems, mainly pellet-burning stoves where the temperature exceeds 200°c.

Dimensione Inox
Ø 80 € 36,13
Ø 100 € 38,53
Ø 120 € 43,05
Ø 130 € 47,53
Ø 140 € 49,29
Ø 150 € 51,60
Ø 160 € 56,28
Ø 180 € 61,92
Ø 200 € 68,66

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