Design Section

This Section is an important support for consultation purposes to satisfy and facilitate choices regarding the sizing and installation of chimney systems. Its purpose is to recommend the best solutions for a precise handling of the system in a context of performance and optimized energy consumption. We invite readers to consider all the information provided only as a guide that does not substitute in any way the laws, decrees, or technical regulations in force that in any case must be scrupulously observed.
It excludes all forms of design value as understood by the respective Professional Registers.

Sizing Charts

The sizing charts for type B and C branched systems listed below are only intended to provide general information on the dimensions of the system.
In addition to the features of the appliance, the height of the system and the number of connections, other factors intrinsic to the installation must be considered.

Sizing Graphs

The sizing graphs for single-user systems described below are intended to provide general guidance on the sizing of the system, and allow, depending on the type of combustor, the heat output of the generator [kW] and the height of the chimney [H], for an indication on the hydraulic diameter [Ø mm] with which to construct the flue.
The purpose is to provide the characteristic curves of tendency in sizing; it is still essential to carry out the sizing calculations, even with specialized software, and with the qualified technical support staff.