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Stainless Steel Gather Hood with Band

Article Code: 55.F


The Stainless Steel Gather Hood with Band is the component necessary for connecting stoves, prefabricated fireplaces or multi-fuel generators to a flue.

With the perimeter band 40mm high the component may be inserted into the masonry favoring an easier application. The conical body allows for the transition from square section to round, ensuring an easier flow of the gases and smoke.

Materials used: Stainless Steel 304 BA (EN 1.4301 – L20), Stainless Steel 316 BA (EN 1.4404 – L50).

Thickness: 0.5 and 0.6 mm in 304 AISI (EN 1.4301), only 0.5 mm in 316 AISI (EN 1.4404).

Belling: done with a mould and counter mould hydraulic expansion system ensuring calibrated joints with a tolerance of +/- 2mm.

Welding: longitudinal TIG process for the fusion of adjoining pieces to ensure the seal of each individual component.

Accessories: triple lip silicone gasket to ensure the joint is sealed; locking band to secure the joint and ensure the continuity of the system.

Among the products offered we also make flues in Stainless Steel 304 BA 0.8 mm thick, not intended for the construction of Chimney Flue Systems in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1856-1.

In such cases the forms are made with vertical edge forming machines. The female form is nominal internal diameter, the male form is tapered. Such features, not allowing for the use of gaskets and locking bands, do not ensure the seal of the system.

Allows for the gather of products resulting from the combustion processes of wood-burning or multi-fuel fireplaces into a flue.

Operation: dry (D) or wet (W)

Pressure: Positive for P1 = 200 Pa; Negative for N1 = 40 Pa.

Working Temperature: Max 200°c with silicone gasket and P1 200 Pa; Max 600°c without silicone gasket and N1 40 Pa.

Dimensione 304 mm 0.6 304 mm 0.8 316 mm 0.5
Base 200x200 da Ø 80 a Ø 200 ND € 105,69 ND
Base 250x250 da Ø 80 a Ø 250 ND ND ND
Base 300x300 da Ø 150 a Ø 300 € 106,69 € 128,02 € 122,69
Base 350x350 da Ø 150 a Ø 350 ND ND ND
Base 400x400 da Ø 150 a Ø 400 ND ND ND
Base 450x450 da Ø 150 a Ø 450 ND ND ND
Base 500x500 da Ø 150 a Ø 450 ND ND ND

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200x200da 80 a 180
250x250da 80 a 230
300x300da 150 a 250
350x350da 150 a 300
400x400da 150 a 450
450x450da 150 a 400
500x500da 150 a 450

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